Tuesday February 21 , 2017
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Like No Other...

The V40 uses advanced infrared technology, the flame inside the insulated cone heats the front disk which serves two purposes, to radiate the heat and also as a catalytic converter reducing emissions to near zero.


V40 News

THE V40 Heater Has Been Discontinued

V40 was discontinued in April 2012

We recommend the MCS XL9 in its place.

For more information 916 638-1075


Visit XL9 Heater Website.

Here is a link to a video showcasing the XL9 Heater:



We will continue to support the phased out versions. 


Here is the XL9SR-M Heater





Infrared Heater Advantages


The Infrared Advantage

Most heaters work by warming the air in the room. People in the room are warmed by the air. This not only wastes energy on warming up the air, but also you don’t feel the benefits of the heater as soon as

it is switched on. It might take several minutes for a room to warm up.

Energy Efficient V40 Heaters

V40 diesel fired infrared heaters work differently, they don’t heat up the air they heat objects that are directly in its path. As a result people in the area are warmed directly by the heater and not by the air.

This principle makes infrared heaters very energy efficient. Another advantage is that you don’t have to turn the heater on half an hour or hour in advance to pre-heat the room. You feel the warmth immediately.


V40- Discontinued


The V40 Heater has been discontinued, we suggest the MCS XL9 Diesel Fired Infrared Heater in its place.

Here is a video on the XL9 Heater:


For more information give us a call at: 916 638-1075



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Where To Buy

What is the price of the XL9 series heaters? Include shipping to MD.

The V40 Heater

We just bought two of the V40 heaters, and two of the Mizar 50 forced ...

The V40 Heater

Can you tell me where I can buy one?

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